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I have been collecting TV episodes since 1978, I would prefer to trade rather than sell tapes. I collect Classic TV shows usually with their original commercials still intact. (Most have been transferred from 16mm or 35mm film.)

Here are some of the shows I have for trade: Unsyndicated Twilight Zone, Uncut & Unsyndicated Ozzie & Harriet, Danger Man, Way Out, My Living Doll, I'm Dickens, He's Fenster, Star Lost, The New Phil Silvers, Gong Show, Fridays, Unsold pilots and more.

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Complete Series

I have the following complete series:

  • Batman (120 episodes)
  • Car 54 Where are You? (60 episodes)
  • Dangerman (39 episodes)
  • Fugitive (120 episodes)
  • Green Hornet (25 episodes)
  • I Love Lucy (179 1/2 hr. episodes o/c)
  • I Love Lucy (10 hr. episodes o/c)
  • Life Of Riley (26 episodes w/Gleason)
  • Married with Children (all up to current date)
  • My Mother the Car (39 episodes)
  • Outer Limits (49 episodes)
  • The Phil Silvers Show (138 episodes) All sydicated shows
  • Quark (8 episodes)
  • Richard Boone Show (25 episodes)
  • Time Tunnel (30 episodes)
  • T.H.E. Cat (25 episodes)
  • The Honeymooners (39 episodes)
  • Then Came Bronson (20 episodes)
  • Twilight Zone (137 1/2 hr. episodes)
  • Twilight Zone (18 1 hr. episodes)
  • When Things Were Rotten (12 episodes)
  • Your Show Of Shows (all)

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    Video Want List

    THE PHIL SILVERS SHOW (138 episodes)

  • Audition Show (8/26/55)
  • Bilko Presents Kay Kendall (1/21/58)
  • Keeping in Step (1HR special, live broadcast 1/23/59)

    THE JACK BENNY SHOW (104 syndicated)

  • English Sketch
  • How Jack found Rochester
  • Jack gets a passport
  • Hillbilly sketch

    THE HONEYMOONERS 1 HOUR SHOW (10 episodes)

  • You're in the Picture


  • I need most shows/let me know what you have.


  • I need most shows/let me know what you have.


  • I need most shows/let me know what you have.


  • I need most shows/let me know what you have.

    I now have most of my entire Collection of 4,000 tapes typed into a file that I can E-mail. It will be in four parts. Let me know if you would like the files.

    Harold Balde (boardwalk12345@yahoo.com)

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