I have been collecting Pinball Machine Flyers since 1976

Looking for Pinball Machine Flyers?

I have been collecting Pinball Machine Flyers since 1976.  I know just how important it is to grade Pinball machine flyers accurately and utilize a shipping method as to prevent damage to the Pinball flyer itself.  Being a collector, I have been stung before with poor grading and packaging that could easily be bent and or damaged by the post office.  Here are some of the benefits I will provide you by purchasing Pinball Machine Flyers from me.


Pinball Flyers arrive you would expect them to.

1)      I use only store bought stiff cardboard panels to secure your flyers.  Your order is safely wedged between two 9 x 12" #150 Corrugated Pads 1/8 inch thick sheets of cardboard.  I do not use previously bent or used cardboard for this purpose.  This process insures that your flyers are not bent, creased or dinged in shipment.  You also do not get any stains or color rub off from cardboard printing that may be printed on recycled cardboard.

2)      Accurate grading of flyers as per my Legend.  No surprises!

3)      Quick email turnaround for all your questions. Within 24 hours

4)      Goods to your satisfaction or your money refunded less shipping

5)      Fair pricing, I am not looking to gouge you as I would like to have you as a repeat customer.


No more surprises.

In closing, I will assure you that by purchasing pinball machine flyers from me I will take the utmost care in filling your order promptly and expeditiously. Please note I reserve the right to limit the amount of pinball flyers ordered per item. In some cases I only have one pinball flyer of some items in stock. In that case it will be on a first come basis. I also have a variety of stock per flyer so the photo may not be accurate or reflect the condition of the flyer you receive. Please double check the legend condition of the flyer as that will reflect the most current inventory available for that piece. I will promptly refund your order for any out of stock items unless you are willing to wait for a back order.



Pinball Machine Flyer Condition Legend

C          =         Crease(s)                                            

D          =         Dirt Miscellaneous                      

DS        =         Date Stamped                      

F           =         Folded

FF         =         Folded both Directions

H           =         3 Hole Punch

MD        =         Minor Dings

MP        =         Magazine Pulled

P            =         Distributor Printed On

S            =         Distributor Stamped

SH         =         Staple Hole(s)

T            =         Tear(s)

W          =         Writing

WB        =         Writing on Back

WD        =         Water Damage

X            =         Trimmed on Edge(s)

1-10       =         Condition Scale 10-Mint


PLEASE NOTE: Shipping is FREE for all Flyer orders to any country, no matter how many flyers you purchase. If for some reason you require a faster express or expedited shipping please email me for a quote to Regular air mail takes approx. 15 business days from Canada to the USA. Slightly longer to other countries.


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Chicago Coin
Data East
Fabulous Fantasies
Game Plan



Pinball Game Name


Airborne Avenger


Click on image for large picture.

Condition - MD 8.5


Sold Out

Click on image for large picture.

Condition - Mint S



Click on image for large picture.

Condition = MD C 8

Space Riders


Click on image for large picture.

Condition = MD S 8

Superman Postcard


Click on image for large picture.

Condition = Mint



Click on image for large picture.

Condition - 9

Time 2000


Click on image for large picture.

Condition = MD 8

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