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Book Title Authors Date ISBN Trade?
American Premium Guide to Coin-Operated Machines Ayliff 1981 - Yes
Pocket book style, 288 pages loaded with over 200 B & W pictures with 16 in colour. Identifys and values Slots, Jukes, Arcade, Pinball and Gumball machines.
Amusement Machines Pearson, Lynn - 0747801797 Yes
Softcover, 38 page booklet covering arcade, wall machines, slots and pinball machines. B & W photos. (4 million B.C., Magic City, Buckaroo, Square Head, Jigsaw and Fifth Inning)
Arcade Treasures Bill Kurtz 1994 0-88740-619-X Yes
Hardcover, 176 pages with over 400 colour photos of Arcade, Baseball, Video and Pinball games. Has a pricing guide covering all items pictured.
Automatic Pleasures Nic Costa 1988 1-870703-00-6 No
Hardcover book with 222 pages covering the history of Arcade games such as Slots, Shock machines, Fortune Tellers, Shooting games, strength Testers, viewers,wall and vending machines. Over 100 B & W pictures and over 50 Colour photos.


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