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Book Title Authors Date ISBN Trade?
American Jukebox "Classic Years" V Lynch 1990 0-87701-722-0 No
Softcover book with 111 pages of great colour shots. Brilliant color photographs and rare vintage advertising jukeboxes from 1937 - 1948.
Jukebox Art Chris Pearce 1991 1-872-532-09-8 No
Hardcover book, 128 pages with 137 colour pictures. Great coffee table book with lots of great pictures.
Jukebox's Pictorial Price Guide 1992 Scott Wood - - No
Softcover book with 123 pages and over 100 colour photos. Lists 123 jukeboxes.
Jukebox Dieter Ladwig 1992 1-85501-480-7 $20.00
Originally Published in German by V.I.P. Now available in English by Tiger Books. Hardcover 80 pages, over 88 full color pictures. Features: History of the Jukebox, Review of the Leaders in Manufacturing, And nice large pictures of beutiful and colorful 1930's - 1970's Jukebox's.
Jukebox Saturday Night J. Krivine 1977 450 03189 6 No.
Book was available in hardcover or softcover. My copy is the soft cover. 159 papes to "run" the space. Lots original parts with nice pictures.
Pictorial Price Guide Collectable Jukeboxes (1979 Jukebox Junction)
Pictures and prices of what Jukeboxes were worth in 1979.
Vintage Jukeboxes "Hall of Fame" C Pearce 1988 1-85076-116-7 No.
Hardcover book with 128 page colour pictorial history of Jukeboxes.


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