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Book Title Authors Date ISBN Trade?
All About Pinball Natkin, Bobbye 1977 0-448-14033-0 No
Softcover, 120 pages with 70 photos mostly B & W. Book features: a detailed history of Pinball, its legal background, comprehensive instructions and diagrams on the skills, techniques and strategies of Pinball. Massive 246 listings of Pinball terminology.
Coin-Op Pinball Machines: Historical Survey Jones,Herbert 1976 - No
Softcover 33 page booklet that one could obtain free by request to the Bally Manufacturing Corp. Talks about the evoloution of pinball. 5 colour pictures of games with neat cover shot of Elton John wearing a Canada 74 Hockey Jersey standing by a Capt. Fantastic machine.
Pinball! Sharpe, Roger 1977 0-525-47481-1 No
Was available in hardcover as well as softcover. 189 pages jam packed with lots of colourful pictures of games and European arcades. Also a good section covering the history and people who made pinball machines. This book ranks very high as all time favourite book with many collectors.
Pinball, Lure of the Silver Ball Flowers/Kurtz 1988 1-55521-322-7 $75.00
General overview of pinball history, from EM's to solid states. Hardcover 126 pages, 160 full color pictures. Great index at the back of the books listing all games made by all manufactures.
Pinball Portfolio McKeown, Harry 1976 0-89009-118-8 No
My favourite Pinball book. Extra large pictures of many classic games. Harcover, 160 pages, over 100 colour photos and 70 pictures in B & W.
Pinball: An Illustrated History Colmer, Michael 1976 76-20382 No
Softcover, book usually hard to find in one piece as the binding was very poor. 120 pages covering off the illustrated history of Pinball. Lots of colour pictures.
Pinball Graffitti Horiguchi, Masaya - 4-89052-064-3-C0076 No
Softcover book with hundreds of colour and B & W pictures. All text is in Japanese. Features: Pinball Spots in Japan, PC Pinball Games, Beautiful colour pictures of many new and old games. Worthwhile to get.
Pinball Reference Guide Don Mueting & Rob Hawkins 1979 - No
A list of Maufactures and dates of introduction for nearly 2,500 Pinball games.
Pinball Wizardry Polin, Robert & Rain 1979 0-13-676221-2 $75.00
It was the first book devoted exclusively to Pinball Skills! Written for players of all levels of ability, tells you everything you need to know to become a Pinball Master. Complete step-by- step instructions and over 160 easy-to-follow diagrams. Pinball Wizardry discusses every aspect of pinball play from the simplest shots to the most intricate and daring maneuvers. Softcover pocket book 128 pages.
Pinball Art Temple, Keith 1991 1-872532-10-1 $50.00
History of pinball, 1960'S - 1990'S 127 pages. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. Includes a list of pinball artists and their machines, and a list of "pinball milestones" along with the machines which introduced them.
Pinball 1 Bueschel, Richard 1988 0-86667-047-5 Yes
248 page soft cover book containing B & W photos of the top 100 pinballs from 1931 to 1978. Also contains a 111 page history and reference guide.
Pinball Machines Eiden and Lukas 1992 0-88740-431-6 Yes
Hardcover book, with 168 pages. 290 colour and B & W photos of Backglasses. Covers off historical development in designing and manufacturing Backglasses.
Pinball Machines: How they work & troubleshooting Norbert Snicer - - Sold Not Available
Softcover book, 81 pages on WPC system and system 11. The book is intended to provide assistance to the opertators, technicians and especially new-comers to the amusement machine industry.
Pinball Machine Maintenance Henk de Jager - 90.800738.3.0 Yes
Softcover, 196 page book on how to repair and maintain electro- mechanical Pinball machines (1960 - 1977) Many tips and hints for the amateur. Step by step repair and replacement of components for Bally, Williams and Gottlieb games.
Pinball Trouble Shooting Guide Jensen, Russ 1988 Gene-Del, MI Yes
A 50 page softcover book on how to fix and trouble shoot electro- mechanical games. Sections cover basic circuits, switches, and how to read schematic diagrams.
Pinball Paul Zsolnay Verlag 1992 1-85501-481-5 $20.00
Originally Published in German by V.I.P. Now available in English by Tiger Books. General overview of pinball history, from 1930's to present Hardcover 80 pages, over 90 full color pictures. 24 Pictures feature games from the 30's and many more woodrails from the 40's to 50's never pictured before. Absolutely gorgeous pictures.
Special When Lit Trapunski, Edward 1979 0385-12251-9 No
156 pages featuring over 75 pictures of which 29 are in color. The book covers the evolution of pinball with a look inside the studios and factories where artists, engineers, build today's trends and fantasies into fantastic machines. It tells how to fix and maintain your own home machine; there are pointers on playing. Softcover.
Tilt: Pinball Book Tolbert,Jim & Candace 1978 0-916870-14-6 No
Pocket book style, 137 pages, covering home maintenance, history and hot tips. Over 40 B & W pictures.
Tilt! Pinball Machines 1931-1958 Pat McCarthy 1974 - $200.00
About a Pinball Exhibit in various Art Gallery's accross Canada. These are very hard to find and very collectible. There are many pictures (approx. 30) of wood rails both in color and black & white. Pictures include: Happy Days, Dragonette, Wishing Well, Queen of Hearts, Gypsy Queen, Knockout plus many more classics. Softcover 30 pages, mint condition.
Tilt; vetrofanie per una archeologia popolare degli anni '50 1971 - No.
34 page soft cover book. Printed in both English and Italian. Has 13 large B & W photos of some seldom seen backglass's. Gtb: Niagra, Hit 'N' Run, Quintette, Wms: Arrow Head, Bly Monte Carlo 1963. plus many more. 3 Features in one Book. Part 1 is called Dedalus Pingames by Gianni-Emilio Simonetti. Part 2 is called Divertire Il Popolo by Antonio Pilati all in Italian no english. Part 3 is called Gottlieb's Psychedelic by Paul Lawson.


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