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Book Title Authors Date ISBN Trade?
How To Master Video Games T Hirschfeld 1981 0-553-20164-6 No
Pocket book with 177 pages. No pictures just drawings of 30 popular games and simple strategies to improve your score.
Scoring big at Pac Man Jack Kubey 1982 - No
Small 46 page pocket book with lots of patterns on the strategy of beating the game "Pac Man".
Consumers Guide "How to win at Video Games" - 1982 0-517-381192 No
Softcover book, 64 pages with over 100 colour pictures of entire games as well as screen shots from: Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Qix, Tempest, Centipede, Omega Race, Phoenix, Defender, Asteroids and more. Also talks about up and coming games.


  • Cost of all items is in US Dollars. Postage is extra.
  • Postage for 1 book to USA is $8.30; for 2 books, $12.40 first class air.

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