I first started to play Monopoly in the Summer of 1960. I remember playing with a neighbor and friend Peter Ganz. In the years to follow we played this game from morning to night, sometimes completing 5 to 6 games a day. We got so good that we memorized all the rents for houses and hotels for any properties. Sometimes the game would erupt into a major fight or one of us would be called away but we would always finish a game we started. I would like to hear from any collectors of "Monopoly" to acquire any memorabilia I can get. Listed below is my collection.

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  1. Monopoly game 1936 by Copp Clark Co. Ltd. Canada
  2. Monopoly game 1936 by Parker Bros. U.S.A.
  3. Anti Monopoly 1973 by Anti Monopoly Inc.
  4. 40th Anniversary edition, 1974, Parker Bros.
  5. 1935 Commemorative edition, Boxed gift tin, 1985
  6. Advance To Boardwalk 1985
  7. Free Parking Game 1988
  8. Monopoly Junior 1990
  9. Waddingtons England properties edition
  10. Waddingtons European edition 1992
  11. "Monopoly" The Collectors Edition, 1993, Franklin Mint
  12. Ice Bucket with water works Logos, Lucite, 1984, Ingrid
  13. Lucite water pitcher with water works logos, 1984, Ingrid
  14. Large white plastic serving tray with Monopoly Logo, 1984, Ingrid
  15. 4 white plastic coffee mugs w/Railroad logos & sandwich trays, 1984, Ingrid
  16. Mug "Break Time!" Jail Just Visiting, 1984, Carlton
  17. Mug "Chairman of the Board" various Board Properties, 1984
  18. Mug "Let the Good Times Roll" Monopoly Money, 1984, Carlton
  19. "Clock" Board background with Uncle Money Bags, 1984, E. Gluck
  20. Free Parking Logo key chain in Lucite, 1984, Carlton Cards
  21. Monopoly Board Logo key chain in Lucite, 1984, Carlton Cards
  22. Plastic Ruler 6" with property sleeve, 1984, ADI
  23. Plastic Cube paperweight, various logos, 1984, Carlton
  24. Tin bank with Monopoly money & Uncle Money Bags, 1984, Carlton
  25. Tin box writing pad, yellow with various logos, 1984
  26. Board Gift paper design, 1984, Carlton
  27. The Monopoly book, by Maxine Brady, 1974, David McKay Co.
  28. Pocket book "1000 ways to win Monopoly games", 1975, Dell
  29. Towel (1994, Mfg. unknown)
  30. Christmas Ornament (Uncle Money Bags w/ Title Deeds) , 1994, Enesco
  31. Dutch Monopoly Game edition 1995
  32. Monopoly game 1961
  33. Christmas Ornament (Tree decorated in Monopoly items) , 1995, Enesco
  34. Monopoly Companion Book, by Philip Orbanes, 1988, Bob Adams Inc.
  35. Monopoly Watch, Limited Edition 10,000, Innovation Time Corp. 1994
  36. Minature "Monopoly" game board, by Town Square Minatures
  37. Monopoly game 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 1995
  38. Monopoly fridge magnet "Collect $200. Salary as you pass Go" 1984, Carlton
  39. Monopoly "Title Deed" various fridge magnets: Community Chest, Luxury Tax, Oriental, Connecticut, Vermont, Tennessee, St. James Place, New York, Baltic (2), Mediteranean, Park Place, Illinois, Indiana (2), Marvin Gardens (3), No. Carolina (3), 1984, Carlton
  40. Monopoly sweat shirt by Par Excellence 1986
  41. Monopoly Playmaster, Parker 1982
  42. Monopoly jigsaw puzzle (money & deeds) Parker 1984
  43. Monopoly jigsaw puzzle (game by fireplace) Parker 1984
  44. New York in a box (based on Monopoly) Late for the sky 1990
  45. Monopoly TV game show (First Show) on video (For Trade)
  46. Limited Collectors Edition Star Wars Monopoly Game 1996 (For Trade)
  47. Limited Centennial Olympic Games Edition of Monopoly 1996
  48. Christmas Ornament (Uncle Money Bags "Roll for Riches") , 1994, Enesco
  49. "Take a chance on the Holiday" Christmas Ornament 1992, Enesco
  50. "Advance to Go" Christmas Ornament 1993, Enesco
  51. McDonalds Monopoly Rich Uncle Pennybags glass B & W 1997 (For Trade)
  52. McDonalds Monopoly Rich Uncle Pennybags glass colour 1997
  53. Set of 9 Monopoly enameled Pins from McDonalds 1997
  54. Batman & Robin Monopoly game 1997
  55. 12 Monopoly stickers 1984, ADI Inc.
  56. Monopoly Board w/money mousepad 1996, Computer Expressions Inc.
  57. Monopoly CD-Rom Game 1996, Westwood Studios Inc. (Windows)
  58. Monopoly CD-Rom Game 1996, Westwood Studios Inc. (Mac)
  59. Rich Uncle Game 1946, Parker Bros.
  60. Monopoly CD Rom Mouse Pad w/Game Board 1997
  61. Personalized Doormat w/Pass Go Logo & Blue Property for name 1997
  62. Instant Monopoly game Lottery Ticket 1997
  63. Title deed Boarwalk mouse pad 1996 Computer Expressions Inc.
  64. Portable alarm clock w/original box. E. Gluck Corp. 1984
  65. Arby's collector series glass with properties and go to jail logo 1985
  66. Milk chocolate game edition Bonbon Ind. England 1997

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